2017 Provost's Postdoctoral Fellows


Destin Jenkins

Department: History

Destin Jenkins is a historian whose research examines the relationship between political economy and social history, with a focus on the links among the American state, capitalism, racial inequalities, and urban space. His first book, tentatively titled Bonded Metropolis: Debt, Redevelopment, and Racial Inequality, analyzes the paradox of municipal debt and explores how debt came to serve as a constraint on democratic state power. Jenkins is also in the process of co-editing a volume tentatively titled The Old History of Capitalism with Justin Leroy, set to be published with Columbia University Press. Jenkins’ work has appeared on “Process: A Blog for American History”, and on “Public Books”, where he edits the capitalism series. Jenkins was previously a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University’s Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History. He received his PhD in history from Stanford University and his BA in modern US history from Columbia University.


Ryan Jobson

Department: Anthropology

Ryan Jobson is a social scientist and Caribbean cultural critic whose research centers on the relationship between contemporary energy regimes and the ideal of political sovereignty. Jobson’s publications include “The Decolonizing Generation: (Race and) Theory in Anthropology Since the Eighties”. His first book manuscript, Deepwater Futures: Sovereignty at Risk in a Caribbean Petrostate, examines the impact of the fossil fuel industry during postcolonial state building in Trinidad and Tobago. Jobson’s upcoming research aims to trace the ethnography of oil and bauxite in the Guianas. Jobson received his PhD in anthropology and African-American studies from Yale and his BA in Africana Studies and anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania.